Jenni's Adventure

Eleminster's Quest

The band of adventurers – still unnamed – has picked up a new member along the way. There are now 5 official members of this unnamed horde of Shar bashing warriors. Some of the characters have changed a little since they first started adventuring together, and undoubtedely, more changes are to come.

After deafeating Shar’s Guardian, the group returned to the Inn to rest, heal, and regroup. They saved ShadowDale from Shar for now…but how would they stop Shar the next time, especially if they were not around. In walks an elderly Elf, resplendant in red and obviously very wise. He turns out to be Eleminster…follower of Meystra. He has a mission of protecting the DaleLands until mis goddess can return from her “death” and reclaim what is hers. So…also obviously…he is very against this new uprising of Shar. He wants to help the adventurers bring down Shar and protect ShadowDale…all of the DaleLands really. He points them to one of the main streets and tells them about a hidden temple of Shar, somewhere on that street. He also shares his feeling that in that temple, there is an item he needs to destory Shar and urges them to bring any item back to him that they find.

Using their various skills and talents, the band of adventurers seeks out the Temple of Shar and destroys it, along with those found inside. They find 6 itmes…a bronze candelstick holder, a book that will not open, a silver knife, a golden plate, a necklace, and a black diamond the size of a golf ball. Eugor gets to the items first, pockets the necklace, breaks the plate and the candelstick in half, and then takes the silver knife. LeShanna picks up the book and can’t get it to open either, she also takes the black diamond. Surely one of these items is what he is looking for.

When the party gets back to the Shadow Inn, they find a note on the door that begs them to enter…peril is waiting for them inside. More followers of Shar are inside and they have imprisoned Eleminster somewhere. The battle is long and the foes strong, but the adventurers win over evil and find Eleminster locked up in a trap under the bar.

He thanks them for his rescue and asks about the Temple of Shar and the item in question. Good thing it wasn’t a bronze candlestick or a golden plate! The item turns out to be the Black Diamond, but with that discovery comes recollection on Eleminster’s face…he’s seen 2 more of them…somewhere. He knows that they are somewhere in 3 other cities within the DaleLands. They could both be in one city or each could be in a different city, he doesn’t know. What he does know is that the band of adventurers must go retreive these items so he can banish Shar from the DaleLands.

The adventurers set out towards Essembra – located in BattleDale, one of the three cities mentioned by Eleminster. The other two – Archenbridge and Scardale – routes would take them through Battledale anyways, so why not start there.

Introduction to the Adventure

The story so far…as I remember it at least.

The brave adventurers all made their way (for some reason or another) to the land of ShadowDale. They were all quietly enjoying an evening in the Shadow Inn, ran by Michael and the Barwench Betsy, when a forlorn man walked in and sat with some friends. He was overheard talking about his soon-to-be-wife, Aneesa, who was missing. His name was William Ivy and his friends were Robert and John. They learned that she was the only daughter of the Fletcher, Sebastien, who was not happy with the upcoming nuptuals. Obviously, the next course of action was to talk to Sebastien and see what he knew, which wasn’t much. He had seen Aneesa carried away by a band of Goblins…everyone hates Goblins, even the smelly dwarf. The adventurer’s banded together and offered to find Aneesa for Sebastien and made their way towards the river.

The party met the group of goblins and made quick of killing them…having discovered the entrance to the goblin underboss’ lair – Nilbog was his name. After defeating more goblins and Nilgob, the party saved Aneesa. But first, they found a letter on the body of Nilbog…from William…stating that he was offering Aneesa as some sort of offering. OH NO!

They returned to the Inn to confront William but instead met him, Robert, John, and 3 others in the town square, prepared to fight. They talked to William, who explained that Shar had started taking control of the area in the absence of the dead goddess Meystra. She had demanded an offering or she would destroy the city. He was sorry that it had to be Aneesa, but she was the best candidate and fit all the requirements set by Shar’s guardian. The group killed everyone in the square, except for William, whom they tied up to the fountain. All of a sudden, minions of Shar appeared to collect the sacrifice, but instead engaged in battle with the adventurers. William was killed in the battle, unfortunately. They knew Shar’s Guardian was close behind and prepared for battle…arming Sebastien, Aneesa, and a few others with bows and arrows. The townsfolk were not very good shots and actually inflicted more damage on the smelly dwarf and the swordmage than on the Guardian.

Victory belonged to the adventurer’s though!!! They have been proclaimed friends of ShadowDale by Arturo B. Cecil, the regeant of ShadowDale.

A Path Lit

These beings of the World rest their weary bones as the crackle of the hearth’s fire proves to be the only sound disturbing the night. There was a time when I was growing weary of this realm’s primitiveness; it was like gazing upon a rock face with no waterfall to envelop you in a cool, gentle mist. However, I am beginning to draw a curiosity toward the patterns and swirls now being revealed to me. I still do not understand why the creatures here have not evolved enough already to do away with such basic annoyances as sleep, however I seem to find myself imagining what dreams the Goddess of Moonlight may be bestowing upon them as they leave themselves so detached and vulnerable. How odd they can be.

Still in the favour of Our Lady of Silver, I believe that She has finally revealed to me my purpose of existence here. I am ashamed to admit that for a mere moment I had questioned Her reasons for putting me in the company of two obese gnome look-a-likes and an elven cross, however I am relieved that She had forgiven my act of disloyalty and saw me as still worthy of this quest against Shar and her abominations.

As requested, we entered into a hidden temple of the Nightsinger where we interrupted and shortly slaughtered a group of her minions paying suicidal homage to her. I still feel the filth of evil clinging to my skin and must cleanse it from me shortly after the ink on this entry has dried.

Sweet water and light laughter till next we meet.

Glory to our Ghaele.

May the seven stars guide the lost to truth.


A change of policy

To all of my dear, faithful readers of Swordmage Seaonal Journal, I have a rather important announcement to pass on to each of you.

As most of you probably know, since the advent of this publication, I have maintained the policy of truth and purity of information in regards to the facts and opinions I have witnessed and developed over these past few years.

However, I have also held to the principles of academic publication, and thusly my own journal has held a degree of civility, and I would like to think it holds the proper decorum and behavior of the academic and studious community to which is serves. This balance was more easily maintained in the past, since the subject matter at hand usually demanded no compromise between these two ideals.

I have met a Dwarf, however. His name lost to me, for the moment, his scent most probably never will be. Heinous acts have been committed on the fields of private conflict, and I have decided, that in regards to his actions, a new policy must be made in regards to my writings. Civility shall win out over pure truth, though I will try to mention all of the surrounding action and excitement, in as great a measure as can be conveyed, without compromising the gentlemanly integrity of this journal.

I am sure that many readers will have swaying opinions on this, however I can assure you that I have debated many nights within the forum of my mind, and I believe this to be the best solution.

May this writing find each of you in good health,


Initial Impressions

Journal of Zanne Trellewin

Third day of Season of the Morning Claw

Greetings once more, my faithful readers! It has been longer than I expected since my last quarterly. I have, since my last writing, left the services of Priador’s regular militia, as I am no longer able to tolerate their dismissal of my skills, and the constant beratement of my heritage.

I was able to quickly sign on with the Flaming Fist mercenary company, for the escort of a Caravan through the Dale Lands, to the port of Uthmere. I would like to believe that my hasted securement by the Flaming Fist company was due in large part to my skillful manipulation of the arcane and the martial. I am inclined to believe, however, that credit must lie in the far distance from the Sword Coast, and the base of the mercenary company, which must leave them understaffed in areas of developing business, such as Thay.

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