A platinum blond wizard with iridescent eyes of blue


Sister to a ghaele of winter’s squad commander, Leshanna thrived in a society celebrating over 300 years of enlightenment, only to be transported out of the Feywild during the eve of Her full moon. After three weeks full of uncertainty as to her purpose of existence in this new plane, Leshanna has declared this event as a calling from Selune with a mission that will be revealed when She finds it most appropriate to disclose.

Her near white hair is never bound up nor held back, but rather allowed free movement as accustomed to her race. While her eyes hold a vivid, almost eerie slate of blue, it is the absence of pupils that may draw the most attention.

Her personality is almost as mysterious as her appearance is. Most of Leshanna’s time is spent seemingly absent-minded, devoid of any attention to the activities occurring around her, as if there were too petty to draw in her interest.


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