Jenni's Adventure

Initial Impressions

Journal of Zanne Trellewin

Third day of Season of the Morning Claw

Greetings once more, my faithful readers! It has been longer than I expected since my last quarterly. I have, since my last writing, left the services of Priador’s regular militia, as I am no longer able to tolerate their dismissal of my skills, and the constant beratement of my heritage.

I was able to quickly sign on with the Flaming Fist mercenary company, for the escort of a Caravan through the Dale Lands, to the port of Uthmere. I would like to believe that my hasted securement by the Flaming Fist company was due in large part to my skillful manipulation of the arcane and the martial. I am inclined to believe, however, that credit must lie in the far distance from the Sword Coast, and the base of the mercenary company, which must leave them understaffed in areas of developing business, such as Thay.



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