Jenni's Adventure

A Path Lit

These beings of the World rest their weary bones as the crackle of the hearth’s fire proves to be the only sound disturbing the night. There was a time when I was growing weary of this realm’s primitiveness; it was like gazing upon a rock face with no waterfall to envelop you in a cool, gentle mist. However, I am beginning to draw a curiosity toward the patterns and swirls now being revealed to me. I still do not understand why the creatures here have not evolved enough already to do away with such basic annoyances as sleep, however I seem to find myself imagining what dreams the Goddess of Moonlight may be bestowing upon them as they leave themselves so detached and vulnerable. How odd they can be.

Still in the favour of Our Lady of Silver, I believe that She has finally revealed to me my purpose of existence here. I am ashamed to admit that for a mere moment I had questioned Her reasons for putting me in the company of two obese gnome look-a-likes and an elven cross, however I am relieved that She had forgiven my act of disloyalty and saw me as still worthy of this quest against Shar and her abominations.

As requested, we entered into a hidden temple of the Nightsinger where we interrupted and shortly slaughtered a group of her minions paying suicidal homage to her. I still feel the filth of evil clinging to my skin and must cleanse it from me shortly after the ink on this entry has dried.

Sweet water and light laughter till next we meet.

Glory to our Ghaele.

May the seven stars guide the lost to truth.




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