Jenni's Adventure

A change of policy

To all of my dear, faithful readers of Swordmage Seaonal Journal, I have a rather important announcement to pass on to each of you.

As most of you probably know, since the advent of this publication, I have maintained the policy of truth and purity of information in regards to the facts and opinions I have witnessed and developed over these past few years.

However, I have also held to the principles of academic publication, and thusly my own journal has held a degree of civility, and I would like to think it holds the proper decorum and behavior of the academic and studious community to which is serves. This balance was more easily maintained in the past, since the subject matter at hand usually demanded no compromise between these two ideals.

I have met a Dwarf, however. His name lost to me, for the moment, his scent most probably never will be. Heinous acts have been committed on the fields of private conflict, and I have decided, that in regards to his actions, a new policy must be made in regards to my writings. Civility shall win out over pure truth, though I will try to mention all of the surrounding action and excitement, in as great a measure as can be conveyed, without compromising the gentlemanly integrity of this journal.

I am sure that many readers will have swaying opinions on this, however I can assure you that I have debated many nights within the forum of my mind, and I believe this to be the best solution.

May this writing find each of you in good health,




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